Section 1.1: Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of the Deep South Amateur Radio Club (DSARC) shall be the Board of Directors and the Membership.

Section 1.2: Records; Inspection

Each such body shall keep records of its proceedings that shall be open for inspection to any recognized officer or member of the organization.


Section 2.1: Nonpartisanship

This organization shall be non-political and non-sectarian and the name of this organization shall not be used in representing the desires or wishes of its Membership in any political, sectarian or labor dispute, except as hereinafter provided.  Provided, however, that the forgoing shall not prevent this organization from participating in political issues which have a direct bearing upon the Amateur Radio members, organizations, either nationally or internationally.

Section 2.2: Legislative Activities

Para. 1:  No member shall appear before any legislative body or speak in the name of this organization propounding a position contrary to any resolution then in effect with regard to such legislation, which resolution has been regularly adopted by the Board of Directors or Membership.

Para. 2:  In the absence of any mandate covering any matter wherein laws, rules or regulations are being proposed or under attack, the President and the Board of Directors are hereby placed under a continuing mandate by these By-Laws to resist and oppose any changes in laws or regulations advocated by any Presidential Commission, Executive Order, by any legislative bill sponsored by Congress that would repeal or deprive Amateur Radio operators of rights or benefits already provided by such laws or regulations.


Section 3.1:  Charges may be preferred against any member or officer of this organization in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws for conduct not conducive to the best interest of the organization, or contrary to the maintenance of proper order and decorum within the organization.

Section 3.2:  Any elected or appointed officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Membership at an officially convened meeting where a quorum exists, provided that the Membership shall have been notified in writing of the reasons for the proposed removal via the United States Postal System or electronic mail with a posting date no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the vote.

Section 3.3:  After initiation of a meeting by the Board of Directors, any member’s membership may be terminated for violation of this Constitution and By-Laws, or conduct not conducive to the best interest of the organization, or contrary to the maintenance of proper order and decorum within the organization.  Member will forfeit remaining dues.


Section 4.1:  A quorum shall exist at any officially convened meeting when twenty-five (25%) percent of the active members in good standing are represented.

Section 4.2:  Elections

Para. 1:  At the September meeting, the President shall appoint a nominating committee to review and select from written applications submitted by members of the DSARC, desiring to become an elected officer or Board of Directors member for the coming fiscal term of  two (2) years.  Applicants must state the position for which they are seeking and will be interviewed by the nominating committee.  If there are no applications submitted, the committee shall contact members and determine their willingness to serve in an official capacity.

Para. 2:  After interviewing the candidates, the nominating committee shall select a candidate for each elected office and report its slate to the floor.

Para. 3:  Then the nominating committee may be dismissed by the President, who shall then open each DSARC office, in turn, for nominations from the floor, which shall be in addition to those recommended by the nominating committee.

Para. 4:  The Membership at the November meeting shall elect the following officers to serve for a term of two (2) years: a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer.


Section 5.1:  Officers of the DSARC shall include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer.

Election 5.2:  The President may appoint a Club Station Trustee; and a Chairman for the following offices:  Emergency Communications; Librarian; Training; Publicity; Program; Events; Activities; and others as necessary to accomplish the organization’s purpose.

Section 5.3:  All appointed committee members shall serve at the discretion of the President.

Section 5.4:  Each elected officer shall serve until the end of the two-year term, and thereafter until their successors are installed.

Section 5.5:  Duties of the President.  The President:

  1. shall be the presiding official at DSARC meetings, events and activities.
  1. shall attend all official scheduled meetings, events and activities or delegate a

        personal representative to be present if he/she is unable to attend.

  1. is an ex-officio member of all committees and boards appointed by him/her.

Section 5.6:  Duties of the Vice President.  The Vice President:

  1. shall take over all duties of the President in the absence of the President.

b   shall attend all official scheduled meetings events and activities, unless                        

      excused by the President.

c.  shall be the Chairman of the Membership Committee to provide guidance       and  leadership.           

d.  shall be responsible for providing the club meeting program.

Section 5.7: Duties of the Secretary.  The Secretary:

a.  shall be responsible for the maintenance of the official records.

             b.  shall be responsible for issuing the proper communications to inform the 

    the respective officials of any important information necessary for the

   operation of their office.                  

c.  shall duly notify all of those concerned as to the time and place of any         special meetings at the discretion of the President.

Section 5.8:  Duties of the Treasurer.  The Treasurer:

a.  shall be responsible for the maintenance of DSARC financial records with      regard to funds received, deposited and disbursed.

b.  shall in conjunction with the Secretary, be responsible to see that all funds

      disbursed are in accordance with the approved budget or have been approved 

      by the Membership at a regular scheduled meeting.

c.  shall provide a monthly financial report to the membership at the official

    meeting of the DSARC and also to the Board of Directors.

d.  shall be responsible for preparing and submitting a financial report to the

      Membership for its approval at the end of each fiscal year.  This report shall

      be prepared from books and records kept in accordance with generally

      accepted accounting principles.


Section 6.1:  The Board of Directors shall be composed of all elected officers and the

immediate past President and two (2) members elected by the Membership.  Each shall have a voice and one (1) vote upon the call to vote.

Section 6.2:  In case of a vacancy of any Board of Directors member, it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy for the un-expired term, except the Vice President shall automatically succeed the President.  

Section 6.3:  Four (4) members, two (2) of which shall be currently serving officers, shall constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Section 6.4:  All legislative, administrative and executive matters not otherwise specifically covered by the provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws or the resolution of the Membership, shall be determined by the Board of Directors, who shall have full legislative, executive, and administrative power between official scheduled meetings of the Membership.

Section 6.5:  The Board of Directors shall meet on call of the President at such time and place as directed and as otherwise provided by this Article.

Section 6.6:  The President shall call a meeting of the Board of Directors on the written request of six (6) of more Club members within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of the request.

Section 6.7:  Members in good standing shall be permitted to attend sessions of the Board of Directors without vote but with voice in its proceeding prior to a vote or regarding an issue on the agenda.


Section 7.1:  Annual dues for each member shall be as determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the Membership at an official scheduled meeting, in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 7.2:  All monies received by the DSARC shall be under custody of the Treasurer and all disbursements shall be by check and signed by the Treasurer or President.

Section 7.3:  Expenses of officers, elected or appointed, and members in the accomplishment of the DSARC’s mission, may be reimbursed with prior approval of the Board of Directors and presentation of a proper receipt.  Normally, reimbursement will be limited to postage, office supplies and other small incidentals.

Section 7.4:  At the January meeting, the President shall appoint three (3) members as an Audit Committee, designating one (1) member as the Chairman.  They shall conduct an audit of the organization’s finances and property for the preceding year, encompassing the membership year, January through December.  The committee shall provide a written report of their findings and any recommendations to the Membership at the February meeting.  

Section 7.5:  The Audit Committee shall NOT include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary for the audit year. Nor shall it include any member who has responsibility or control of DSARC finances or has accountability for the organization’s property or assets for the audit year.

Section 7.6:  All disbursements outside of the approved budget exceeding Two Hundred Fifty dollars ($250.00) shall be approved by the Membership.

Section 7.7:  Annual budget shall be prepared and presented at the February meeting for Membership approval.


Section 8.1:  All members will be notified of any proposed amendments to the By-Laws at least fifteen (15) days prior to an officially scheduled meeting.

Section 8.2:  These By-Laws may be amended at any officially scheduled meeting by the majority vote of the active Membership present, provided that the Membership shall have received notice of the amended document at the previously scheduled official meeting or via the United States Postal System or electronic mail with a posting date no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the vote.


Section 9.1:  Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall be the procedure in all meetings of the DSARC except wherein they conflict with these By-Laws.


Section 10.1:  Corporation Organization, Dissolution

Para. 1:  This Corporation is not organized for profit.  It shall issue no stock.  No part of its net earning shall inure to the benefit of any individual.  No member shall have any pecuniary interest in any of the income, earning, assets or property of this Corporation, nor shall any part thereof be withdrawn or distributed to any of its members.

Para.2:  Upon final dissolution or liquidation of this Corporation, and after the discharge or satisfaction of all outstanding obligations and liabilities, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a charitable corporation that is determined to have purposes closest to those of this Corporation.

Section 10.2:  To the extent to which the provisions of these By-Laws are inconsistent with the provisions of a law, rule or regulation  published by an agent of the United States government, the State of Alabama or any political sub-division thereof, federal, state, and local laws shall take precedence.

Section 10.3:  No amendment to these By-Laws shall be effective until approved by the members.

Section 10.4:  The names and addresses of the members of the DSARC, in whatever format, shall not be used for commercial purposes, in support of any partisan political action committee or for any political use, or for any purpose other than one directly connected to the activities of the organization.