E-Com Trailer Update: DC/SOLAR

The 6kwH inverter donated by Genetry Solar has arrived at Michael’s (WY5Y) house. I will be testing the inverter. Also the club has ordered (4) Renogy 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. Michael (WY5Y) will setup the batteries and test with the inverter. Below are pictures of the Genetry Solar inverter and the Renogy batteries. I will be making some custom bus bars and a frame for the batteries. The reason for going with seal AGM 1st off, was the price. The original battery sponsor backed out of the donation because of the time it was taking. But WY5Y is actively still looking for a battery sponsor to get us up to that
10 – 15kwH in LifePO4 cells. This 100ah at 48v’s will do us just fine and should run everything we have for several hours.

We got the latest version of the inverter, we got ver 3, which is the latest model Genetry Solar makes. We will be running our system at 48v’s.
These cells weigh about 70lbs each.