USS Alabama -Ships On Air!

Update: K4DSR made 1725 QSO’s.

1725 contacts total with 286 CW and 1438 Voice calls. We made many, many US contacts, but we also made contacts to Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Slovenia, New Zealand, Guantanamo Bay, Guadeloupe, Belize, Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Wake Is, Cuba, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Haiti, and Guatemala. Many people worked hard to put this weekend together, including those cleaning and painting the room, repairing cable runs, chasing down equipment, installing and tuning antennas, prepping food, putting together radios, tuners, power supplies and cables as well as interfacing with the USS Alabama people to allow this all to happen. And then there are the operators and loggers who put in tireless hours making and logging contacts. In the end, we had a great time ourselves as well as educating and putting smiles on the faces of many of our visitors. What a great experience and what a great group of people. I couldn’t be more proud!

06-04-2021 7:00pm through 06-06-2021 Deep South Amateur Radio Club (K4DSR) will be aboard the USS Alabama and Submarine Drum. If you would like to be an operator on the receiving end of a “pileup” on 20 or 40 meters, come on down.

Please let Mr. Larry Anderson (K5LDA) know if you would like to operate, so we can get you aboard, or visit our Facebook page at