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Our area is rich with a vibrant history. We believe that the way to propel future generations into personal success and community growth is by learning about our history and realizing that we can write the next chapter. We aim to engage all walks of life in a manner that honors the sacrifices and struggles of all of those who have come before us, so that we may form a closer bond and shared vision with our neighbors. 

Emergency Communications


 Amateur Radio operators set up and operate organized communication  networks locally for governmental and emergency officials, as well as non-commercial communication for private citizens affected by the disaster. Amateur Radio operators are most likely to be active after disasters that damage regular lines of communications due to power outages and destruction of telephone, cellular and other  infrastructure-dependent systems. 

Our Club


Our Club believes that amateur radio is more than a hobby. We are a welcoming, diverse family. We are dedicated to public service and lifetime learning through technology and the art of radio communications.  Whether you want to interact with the International Space Station, make a friend on the other side of the earth, or just help your neighbors when bad weather strikes, amateur "ham" radio is for you.


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