Approved for our New Emergency Response Trailer!

Update 06/05/2021: A/C Installed, AC electrical all done, Walls painted, Desk Mounted and about to install the solar panels, and the DC Plant, Including the batteries, Inverter by Genetry Solar, a Charge controller and all the wires.
Update 02/10/2021: We are in the process of the wrap done, and electrical installed.
Update 12/20/2021: The ECOM Trailer has been purchased


Our Club has voted for a new Emergency Response Trailer, and it was approved. We are currently looking for donations right now an a new trailer. We had one generous donation of a 8-10KWH Inverter by Genetry Solar. We want to thank Sean and his team for their donation. But looking for more. We are in the process of starting a GoFund me page to help with our project as well. Stay tuned for more news and updates. We will start a new tab at the top of the page for this project.

Please keep checking back as we totally revamp our site, we are needing as many high res pictures as we can get. Please send those to either Mike or Larry and they will get them to me, or you can look me up on QRZ under WY5Y and my email there is good.

Thank you for your patience,
WY5Y and the K4DSR Club.