Club Meeting 07/22/2021

Another GREAT Deep South ARC meeting awaits us TOMORROW EVENING at 6:00 PM (07/22/2021) and YOUR INVITED!! I tell “EVERYONE” to come to one, just “ONE” of our meetings and SEE just how GREAT THEY “ARE!!”

We will be going over our Field day results and so much more. So come on out and enjoy the fellowship, Bring the WHOLE family. Any and everyone is welcomed. So come ON and we’ll see “YOU” and the “FAMILY” TOMORROW EVENING at the
Goodwill Community Center
2423 Schillingers Rd.
Mobile, AL

At 6:00 PM

(oh, and please bring a little snack to share with others but if you don’t, don’t WORRY!! There’s ALWAYS a LOT of GOODIES to go around!!)

K4DSR / Deep South Amateur Radio Club Field DAY !!

Field Day TOMORROW!! (Sat. June 26th.) at:
Chickasaw Community Shelter
799 Iroquois St.
Chickasaw, AL (Link to Google maps for directions)
0800 (8:00 AM) for “set up”. Ops at 1200 (12:00 pm ) noon. Mr. Jim Reaves (W4SGP), our FD coordinator, has everything mapped out and we’ll also be debuting our “NEW” Deep South ARC ECOMM trailer that just keeps getting BETTER!!
Our YL ladies group will be feeding those that help with set up as well as the station operators. (Thank to our YL Group!)
Come on down and see the NEW Trailer, join some GREAT FELLOWSHIP and OPERATE (or log)!! ALL are “WELCOME” to come SEE Field Day ops, and even PARTICIPATE in making WORLD WIDE CONTACTS so we hope to see “YOU” TOMORROW for this years 2021 Field Day!! Best 73!!

Goodwill Easter Seals Presentation on 06/23/2021

The Amateur Radio Mobile Alabama Community, The Goodwill Easter Seals Community Center has for several years hosted Mobile County’s Amateur Radio Clubs. Amateur Radio Operators have met at the community center for monthly meetings and training sessions. The center has excellent facilities and space which has enhanced the clubs operations and ability to do its business. All Amateur Radio Operators county-wide appreciate and thank the Goodwill Easter Seals for their support to the hobby.

Left to right
Mike Varner WY5Y – Vice President Deep South ARC
Dottie Sellars – Goodwill Gulf Coast Adult Education Program Assistant;
Chuck Miller KD4NGA – District Emergency Coordinator
Elizabeth Dominick, M.Ed – Director Education Services
Rod Mollise W4NNF – President Mobile ARC

Goodwill Plaque / Field Day / K4DSR Meeting

Anything happening at Deep South ARC?? Your kidding, RIGHT??!!!A BIG “THANKS” to Chuck Miller (KD4NGA), Michael Varner VP-K4DSR(WY5Y), Rod Molise President-W4IAX(W4NNF) for presenting Dottie Sellers and Elizabeth Dominik of Goodwill with a plaque for graciously allowing the ham radio community to use the Goodwill Community Center facility for club meetings and club activities. GREAT JOB GUYS and “THANKS” LADIES!!

Want to SEE what Field Day is all about? Well this Saturday June 25th. We will be setting up Field Day ops in Chickasaw again for Field Day at the Chickasaw Community Shelter 799 Iroquois St. and start operating around 12 noon under the guidance of Jim Reeves (W4SGP) our Field Day Coordinator. If you can’t make it please check our website for frequencies and you can listen to our Field Day ops and even CHECK IN!! AND YOU can even PARTICIPATE from “YOUR HOME” under YOUR “CALL SIGN” and it can be added to the Deep South ARC Field Day COUNT!! So PLEASE LOG “ANY” CONTACTS YOU MAKE with YOUR CALL SIGN to be ADDED, because they “COUNT!!”

Another GREAT Deep South ARC meeting awaits us TOMORROW EVENING 6pm – YOUR INVITED!! I tell “EVERYONE” to come to one, just “ONE” of our meetings and SEE just how GREAT THEY “ARE!!” Do we have a NICE DOOR PRIZE for some LUCKY WINNER, of course we DO!! Are we going to show a basic antenna set up that WILL TALK the WORLD, we sure ARE!! Several have asked to see VISUALS on how basic electronic circuits work and you will see it and it WON’T BE BORING, I PROMISE!! So simple a child will understand!! And the BEST PART of the meeting we have invited Mr. and Mrs. FELLOWSHIP (YOU!!) will JOIN the EVENING and that is what makes our meetings GREAT-“YOU!!” So come ON and we’ll see “YOU” and the “FAMILY” TOMORROW EVENING at the Goodwill Community Center 2423 Schillingers Rd. 6pm!! (oh, and please bring a little snack to share with others but if you don’t, don’t WORRY!! There’s ALWAYS a LOT of GOODIES to go around!!)

E-Com Trailer Update: DC/SOLAR

The 6kwH inverter donated by Genetry Solar has arrived at Michael’s (WY5Y) house. I will be testing the inverter. Also the club has ordered (4) Renogy 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. Michael (WY5Y) will setup the batteries and test with the inverter. Below are pictures of the Genetry Solar inverter and the Renogy batteries. I will be making some custom bus bars and a frame for the batteries. The reason for going with seal AGM 1st off, was the price. The original battery sponsor backed out of the donation because of the time it was taking. But WY5Y is actively still looking for a battery sponsor to get us up to that
10 – 15kwH in LifePO4 cells. This 100ah at 48v’s will do us just fine and should run everything we have for several hours.

We got the latest version of the inverter, we got ver 3, which is the latest model Genetry Solar makes. We will be running our system at 48v’s.
These cells weigh about 70lbs each.

Amateur Radio Week in Alabama

Pursuant to Gov. Kay Ivey’s proclamation, June 21st-27th, 2021 has been designated as Amateur Radio Week in Alabama to coincide with Field Day 2021. We at K4DSR love this so much!
Thank you Gov. Kay Ivey for the Proclamation for Amateur Radio ..

Deep South Amateur Radio Club
Vice-President – Michael V. – WY5Y

Amateur Radio Week in Alabama

Field Day / NF4J VE Testing / ARES Training

Here we go AGAIN!! Field Day meeting by Mr. Jim Reaves (WA4SGP), our DS-ARC FD Coordinator, tomorrow (06/10/21) evening 6pm. Mike’s (K4MR) residence 9048 Howells Ferry Rd. (Note, this is NOT a regular meeting but only a meeting about Field Day and those wanting to operate).

THIS Saturday (June 12th) Ham Radio “Testing” by Danny Bush’s (NF4J) SE-VE Team, being given at Mike’s starting at 0800 hours. All are WELCOME!!

THEN at 1000 hours (“SHARP” Chuck Miller (KD4NGA) says Saturday (June 12th.) ARES Meeting will be at the Goodwill Community Center Schillingers Rd. at Cottage Hill Rd. by Chuck on ARES requirements and how to pass messages. I am about to send an additional blanket email as well.

USS Alabama -Ships On Air!

Update: K4DSR made 1725 QSO’s.

1725 contacts total with 286 CW and 1438 Voice calls. We made many, many US contacts, but we also made contacts to Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Slovenia, New Zealand, Guantanamo Bay, Guadeloupe, Belize, Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Wake Is, Cuba, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Haiti, and Guatemala. Many people worked hard to put this weekend together, including those cleaning and painting the room, repairing cable runs, chasing down equipment, installing and tuning antennas, prepping food, putting together radios, tuners, power supplies and cables as well as interfacing with the USS Alabama people to allow this all to happen. And then there are the operators and loggers who put in tireless hours making and logging contacts. In the end, we had a great time ourselves as well as educating and putting smiles on the faces of many of our visitors. What a great experience and what a great group of people. I couldn’t be more proud!

06-04-2021 7:00pm through 06-06-2021 Deep South Amateur Radio Club (K4DSR) will be aboard the USS Alabama and Submarine Drum. If you would like to be an operator on the receiving end of a “pileup” on 20 or 40 meters, come on down.

Please let Mr. Larry Anderson (K5LDA) know if you would like to operate, so we can get you aboard, or visit our Facebook page at

K4DSR Hamfest October 23,2021

Steve Hale(K4SMH) is our Hamfest Coordinator. Please contact him at 251-680-1670 or email him at for any information. We will be updating this page daily, so check back daily.

We should have our Hamfest Flyer ready for download shortly.

Updated: 06/05/2021

We selected our Grand Prize (1st Place) and our Runner Up Prize (2nd Place)

Those are… For the Grand Prize, it will be the ICOM IC-7300

And our 2nd Place Prize will be the ICOM ID-4100 

Make sure to visit our Facebook page for more information .
Click here to visit our Facebook page!