Club Meeting 07/22/2021

Another GREAT Deep South ARC meeting awaits us TOMORROW EVENING at 6:00 PM (07/22/2021) and YOUR INVITED!! I tell “EVERYONE” to come to one, just “ONE” of our meetings and SEE just how GREAT THEY “ARE!!”

We will be going over our Field day results and so much more. So come on out and enjoy the fellowship, Bring the WHOLE family. Any and everyone is welcomed. So come ON and we’ll see “YOU” and the “FAMILY” TOMORROW EVENING at the
Goodwill Community Center
2423 Schillingers Rd.
Mobile, AL

At 6:00 PM

(oh, and please bring a little snack to share with others but if you don’t, don’t WORRY!! There’s ALWAYS a LOT of GOODIES to go around!!)