Goodwill Plaque / Field Day / K4DSR Meeting

Anything happening at Deep South ARC?? Your kidding, RIGHT??!!!A BIG “THANKS” to Chuck Miller (KD4NGA), Michael Varner VP-K4DSR(WY5Y), Rod Molise President-W4IAX(W4NNF) for presenting Dottie Sellers and Elizabeth Dominik of Goodwill with a plaque for graciously allowing the ham radio community to use the Goodwill Community Center facility for club meetings and club activities. GREAT JOB GUYS and “THANKS” LADIES!!

Want to SEE what Field Day is all about? Well this Saturday June 25th. We will be setting up Field Day ops in Chickasaw again for Field Day at the Chickasaw Community Shelter 799 Iroquois St. and start operating around 12 noon under the guidance of Jim Reeves (W4SGP) our Field Day Coordinator. If you can’t make it please check our website for frequencies and you can listen to our Field Day ops and even CHECK IN!! AND YOU can even PARTICIPATE from “YOUR HOME” under YOUR “CALL SIGN” and it can be added to the Deep South ARC Field Day COUNT!! So PLEASE LOG “ANY” CONTACTS YOU MAKE with YOUR CALL SIGN to be ADDED, because they “COUNT!!”

Another GREAT Deep South ARC meeting awaits us TOMORROW EVENING 6pm – YOUR INVITED!! I tell “EVERYONE” to come to one, just “ONE” of our meetings and SEE just how GREAT THEY “ARE!!” Do we have a NICE DOOR PRIZE for some LUCKY WINNER, of course we DO!! Are we going to show a basic antenna set up that WILL TALK the WORLD, we sure ARE!! Several have asked to see VISUALS on how basic electronic circuits work and you will see it and it WON’T BE BORING, I PROMISE!! So simple a child will understand!! And the BEST PART of the meeting we have invited Mr. and Mrs. FELLOWSHIP (YOU!!) will JOIN the EVENING and that is what makes our meetings GREAT-“YOU!!” So come ON and we’ll see “YOU” and the “FAMILY” TOMORROW EVENING at the Goodwill Community Center 2423 Schillingers Rd. 6pm!! (oh, and please bring a little snack to share with others but if you don’t, don’t WORRY!! There’s ALWAYS a LOT of GOODIES to go around!!)