Field Day / NF4J VE Testing / ARES Training

Here we go AGAIN!! Field Day meeting by Mr. Jim Reaves (WA4SGP), our DS-ARC FD Coordinator, tomorrow (06/10/21) evening 6pm. Mike’s (K4MR) residence 9048 Howells Ferry Rd. (Note, this is NOT a regular meeting but only a meeting about Field Day and those wanting to operate).

THIS Saturday (June 12th) Ham Radio “Testing” by Danny Bush’s (NF4J) SE-VE Team, being given at Mike’s starting at 0800 hours. All are WELCOME!!

THEN at 1000 hours (“SHARP” Chuck Miller (KD4NGA) says Saturday (June 12th.) ARES Meeting will be at the Goodwill Community Center Schillingers Rd. at Cottage Hill Rd. by Chuck on ARES requirements and how to pass messages. I am about to send an additional blanket email as well.